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Now that we’ve gone through the basic introduction of lighting and climate control it’s time to focus on probably the two most important requirements necessary for a successful garden. That being nutrients and growing media. While you can have the best of the best when it comes to outfitting a grow room with lighting, CO2, climate control, etc., it’s difficult to produce a spectacular crop without the right fertilizers and soil. Given the right ingredients and soil plants will flourish, even far better than anything the outdoors can produce, just because the plants are getting exactly what they need to thrive. Once you read more about nutrients and growing media, learn which soil is best to grow healthy plants.

Indoor and Outdoor Fertilizers To Grow The Perfect Plants

Today, the development of fertilizers used for both indoor and outdoor growing has exploded with a vast array of fantastic products available. Times have changed from the days of one brand does all.  What we have now are specialty fertilizers for absolutely anything. Want to grow a lemon tree in your basement?  How about a coffee plant?  Want to make your peppers award-winning hot? With the technology that’s available to us now we can fine tune our nutrients to grow anything, indoors, all year long.

We’ve found over the years that each grower is different. We have organic growers, we have hydroponics growers, we have commercial growers and each one, especially the ones with passion all have their own ideas on how to produce the best. That’s what we love about growing, it’s not one size fits all.  Personally, we love organics because of the growth benefits and quality of plants produced. Guanos, enzymes, teas, all of which will produce the best flavor hands down. This is what nature had in mind. For others hydroponics is the way to go. While not as flavorful as organically grown produce, the yields are large, and the plants and fruit are picture perfect. Plus, with hydroponics, if you can imagine a set up to build you can make it work, so let the fun begin. Each have their own benefits and rewards.

Organic Growing Media and Nutrients

Growing media is the next most important. Again, we have both organic growers and hydroponics growers who will use the different media accordingly. As you might expect there are many different organic blends. Some have coco, some have peat, all will have perlite for drainage, and some will have amendments added to charge the soil. Hydroponics growers use a non-charged blend of peat or coco and then add everything needed to replace some of what is missing in an organic soil. Once again, feel free to ask our team about any of your nutrient and soil questions.

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