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best vent and climate setup for indoor growing

This is an example of a sealed room set up with everything necessary to produce the best of the best in plant production. Thanks to the photographer for this great pic!

Unlike Mother Nature, when growing indoors, you actually to take over the job of  Mother Nature herself, except that you won’t have to deal with that nasty snow!  In an indoor growing environment all aspects of growing are controlled by you. Therefore it’s very important to provide all of the climate control aspects necessary to produce fantastic crops indoors to give it what it needs. When done properly you will find that whatever you choose to grow will be the best you’ve ever tasted, period.  That’s not hype, it’s the truth. Produce grown with love in the right conditions always commands the highest prices, always.  Try to buy organic strawberries from the local farmers market after 10:00 a.m. for example, it’s not going to happen. The Grow Store team loves to educate others on which equipment works best to grow healthy plants. So, we have put together some helpful information to make your indoor grow room even more efficient. 

Climate Control Equipment and Functions

There are a number of necessary pieces of equipment to have in your grow room. Aside from the lighting system and nutrients for the plants, a proper climate control setup is a must. As we go along I show and explain the functions of each.

wall mount fan for indoor growing

Circulation Fan

First we have the workhorse of the room. These fans are used to circulate the air in the room to create a consistent pattern of temperature and CO2. These fans are intended to run constantly day and night.

vortex fan

Inline Fan

Here, we have another workhorse. This is an inline fan that connects to duct work to exhaust heat and humidity from the room to the outside.  Good fans produce a large amount of negative pressure that when sized correctly will bring in fresh air and get rid of the old stale air. 

carbon filter

Activated Charcoal/Coconut Filter

This is an example of an Activated Charcoal/Coconut filter. Some plants, such as some medical varieties are very odorous and to eliminate smells from exiting the grow room and going into the house we can use an inline fan and ducting to do the job.  

mirage ductless air conditioning unit

Air Conditioning Unit

Here we have an air conditioning unit that can be sized to the dimensions of the room as well as to accommodate the BTU’s created from multiple light sources. These are called Mini-Splits and can be installed almost anywhere. Not normally necessary for a small grow using fresh air, but for growers who add CO2 to the room it’s necessary to have a sealed environment. Hence, the addition of an A/C unit is essential.

honeywell dehumidifier


Next we have a dehumidifier. The one pictured is for a large grow operation but they also have portable units for smaller grows as well.  Most smaller growers will use the standard units available at many retail outlets. Dehumidifiers are almost always a must in the grow room. As the plants grow they let off moisture through the leaves. Keeping a 50% or less humidity level will keep your plants happy and healthy. 

vent system for using co2

This is a great example of a grow room equipped with CO2 to boost production in a sealed environment.

ventilation system for indoor growing
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