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Are you interested in starting your own indoor garden and need to know which systems are best to grow hydroponics? Maybe you’re an experienced grower or passionate horticulturist who needs supplies and new equipment. No matter what type of plant lover you are, The Grow Store is here to help provide the best information possible!

Learn more about how to grow the healthiest plants using organic nutrients and premium hydroponics equipment. Our guides are easy to follow and will take you through both common and advanced growing techniques.

How to Grow Hydroponics: Indoor Growing For Beginners

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To keep it simple, hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. Hydroponics is used for many reasons, from water conservation to growth time to the overall quality of the plant. It’s a method that is growing in popularity due to these reasons, and now you want to hop on board, as well. Not to mention, it's the perfect system for growing a thriving indoor garden! If you want to learn the fundamental principles of growing plants using hydroponics, keep reading. Choose a hydroponic system To begin a hydroponic garden, you need to choose a system. Depending on how large you want your garden, the kind of plants you want to grow, how much plants you want to grow, how much you want to spend, and how much time you have will influence what system you put in place.   There are three systems to consider; Ebb and Flow, Water…

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