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Traverse City’s Best Indoor Garden Center Since 2009

The Grow Store ® in Traverse City Michigan was opened April 1, 2009 by Paul and Kim Watson. Since then we have provided Traverse City and the rest of the Northern Michigan region with a vast supply of both Hydroponic and Organic garden supplies. We carry growing media, nutrients, lighting, climate control, and everything else necessary for the production of produce, flowers, and plants. Almost anything else you can think of to grow in the comfort of your own home 365 days a year! 

Our passion goes back a long way when it comes to growing indoors. Having purchased my first light back in 1980 I still remember the excitement of growing my own goods, indoors, in a snowstorm. It was quite liberating to say the least. Fast forwarding to 2009, my wife/partner and I decided that there was a need for us to open The Grow Store ® in the Traverse City community which allowed us to continue with the legacy of The Grow Store® which originally opened their doors in Englewood CO back in 1997! .  After 10 years we are proud to say that we are still providing some of the best services, pricing and advice in the business. 

On our site you’ll find our new E commerce online store to  help during the Covid-19 crisis. You can now place an order online and opt to pick it up curbside if you prefer. As you would expect, we purchase from many different distributors to have the most up to date equipment and the freshest nutrients and media available. With nearly 40 years of indoor growing experience we can help anyone excel in the home garden. 

Whether you need advice on which potting solution is best, or which climate control system is the most efficient, we can help you out. Stop in or call us today to speak with one of our people, you’ll be glad for the advice. Lastly, check out our Facebook page at The Grow Store® -Traverse City Michigan for the latest information and posts!

Thanks for visiting! 

Paul and Kim

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