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Traverse City's Premier Indoor Grow Store

Welcome to our E commerce website designed to help new and existing growers navigate through the different choices that are available now for the indoor growers market.We are a BBB accredited business that carries a full line of hydroponic and organic products for all of your indoor gardening needs. Come see our 8,500 sq. ft. retail grow store filled with lighting systems, hydroponic equipment and all of the components to make your own hydroponic system, along with a wide range of nutrients and pesticides.

Top Products For Any Gardening Project

The Grow Store ® of Traverse City is a family owned and operated business, established in April 2009. We quickly outgrew the first store and moved 1/2 mile up the road to a 8.500 sq. ft. building that allows us to carry sufficient product for any size grow.
Here are just a few products we carry in our retail and online store:
  • Lighting systems (fixtures, bulbs, LED, fluorescent, and more)
  • Climate control solutions (CO2, carbon filters, dehumidifiers, fans, temperature meters, etc.)
  • Pest and disease control
  • Pots, containers, and garden tools
  • Nutrients and growing media (soil, fertilizer, etc.)
  • pH meters and testing tools
  • Organic and hydroponic growing products
  • CBD products
"Always knowledgeable, always patient. Everything you need to grow, often at cheaper than online.. truly. Make the drive."
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